ADF Mobile in 21 days

EAIESB "Oracle ADF Mobile in 21 Days" provides Developers, with step by step instructions to learn and develop cross device mobile applications leveraging the power of Java, HTML5 and declarative and visual development.

  •     Jdeveloper Installation On MAC OS
  •     Xcode Installation
  •     Setup iPhone Simulator SDK In Jdeveloper
  •     Android SDK Installation On MAC OS
  •     Setup Android Emulator SDK In Jdeveloper
  •     Jdeveloper Installation & Setup On Windows For ADF Mobile
  •     Developing Helloworld Application For IOS And Android Simulators
  •     Creating Keystore On Windows & Configuring In Jdeveloper For Android
  •     Creating User Certificate & Provisioning Profile For IOS Devices
  •     Deploying Helloworld Application To IOS Device
  •     Working With Page Navigation
  •     Working With Java Application
  •     Working With Javascript
  •     Working With Local HTML and Remote HTML Features
  •     Working With Style Sheets
  •     Working With Email Devicescope
  •     Working With Getpicture Device Feature
  •     Working With Charts
  •     Working With Carousel
  •     Working With Geo Maps
  •     Working With Gauge Component
  •     Working With Spring Board
  •     Working With Native Db Application
  •     Working With User Preference Scope
  •     Working With Web Services
  •     Working With Restful Web Services
  •    Working With Security In ADF Mobile Applications