Oracle B2B in 21 days

Oracle B2B supports Business-To-Business Document Standards, Security, Transports, Messaging Services, and Trading Partner Management.

  •     Oracle Fusion Installation
  •     B2B Document Editor Installation and Exploring
  •     Exploring Oracle B2B
  •     Introduction To OAGIS
  •     Working With OAGIS Outbound Message
  •     Working With OAGIS Inbound Message (Channels)
  •     Introduction To Rosettanet Document
  •     Configuring Rosettanet Document
  •     Working With Rosettanet Outbound Message
  •     Working With Rosettanet Inbound Message (Channels)
  •     Introduction To X12
  •     Configuring X12 Document
  •     Working With X12 Outbound Message
  •     Working With X12 Inbound Message (Channels)
  •     Introduction To Hippa
  •     Configuring Hippa Document
  •     Working With Hippa Outbound Message
  •     Working With Hippa Inbound Message (Channels)
  •     Introduction To HL7
  •     Configuring HL7 Document
  •     Working With HL7 Inbound Message
  •     Working With HL7 Message Using Listening Channels
  •     Healthcare Document
  •     Healthcare Pack Integration With Endpoint
  •     Healthcare Adapter Using End Points
  •     Healthcare Adapters Multiple Healthcare Adapters (Diff Versions)
  •    Endpoint Using JMS Adapter