Mule CLE

Mule Common Logging and Error Handling Framework (mCLE)

mCLE framework handles the errors by following a standard structure format i.e., top-down approach and bottom-up approach mechanism in the enterprise level. Using mCLE in mule flow error handling section, the errors can be automatically published to queue and the error codes will be created automatically if they are not configured in the DB for the corresponding error.

Features :
  •     Handles exceptions in a standardized uniform structure across all enterprise applications and flows.
  •     Real time alerts to the assigned users and groups
  •     Role based access provided to analyze/track the issue – application wise, flow wise, and error wise.
  •     Create logs through structured logs
  •     Error search made easy with rich UI
  •     Export feature is enabled to export log data that helps research team to analyze the issue more precisely.
  •     Dashboards designed to provide detailed error information activity wise with graphical representation.